Project Director

Project Director

Wole Elegbede, a seasoned Nigerian journalist, is the Project Director of Press Attack Monitor. He employs digital tools to tell stories about people, places, events and governments in the belief that the people have a right to know based on the finest values of truth, accuracy and non partisanship. Press Attack Monitor has been constructed to hold governments in Nigeria, and other attackers of journalists accountable.

Surely, the attack on journalists is not getting any less. This occurrence is not only a threat to journalism profession, it undermines democracy and the foundation upon which any society is built.

‎The danger that journalists face in the course of their work is enormous. Around the globe, journalists have been threatened, maltreated, assaulted or killed because of the values or virtues they demonstrate in their investigation and writing.

An award winning journalist, Elegbede is a recipient of Leadership Certificate by The International Visitor Leadership Program, the premier United States Department of State’s exchange program for journalists. He was also honoured with the Legendary Patriot Award by The Patriot Magazine for outstanding impact on community journalism and development.

Elegbede says:
“When journalists are attacked, the future of journalism is in danger, and by extension the future of society. Journalists have a duty not only to disseminate news but protect the resources for the dissemination of news (both human and material), otherwise journalism will not exist. This tool tries to find an answer to a question that faces journalism today in order to prepare the leeway for the future.”


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