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About Us

Who We Are And Why

Journalism is based on the fine tradition of truth. Speaking or writing the truth, which is backed by accuracy and objectivity, has been the pillar upon which journalism thrives but also upon which it is threatened. Over the years, this tradition has put journalists in confrontation with the powers that be, whether governments, corporations, liability companies or private individuals. Should journalists then keep quiet or sit on the fence to watch how the profession is being trampled upon and the society corrupted by some elements for their own gain? Our response is capital NO. Journalists should increasingly take advantage of the opportunities in the digital space to expose and make the attackers accountable for their actions.

In Nigeria, the assault on journalists is rampant and has been on the rise. The situation in this country needs special attention, hence the birth of the project called “Press Attack Monitor”. This is a technology tool that tracks, highlights and exposes the attack and maltreatment of journalists in Nigeria. In so doing, it engages the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other opportunities in the social media ecosystem to disseminate and extend the reach of information to the people, thereby encouraging citizens’ participation and open government.

This internet technology platform is dedicated to the memory of two very close journalists — Krees Imodibie of The Guardian with whom I shared a room at Makanma Residential Hall during our postgraduate studies at the University of Lagos before we worked with The Guardian and Tayo Awotunsin with whom I lived on the same street in Ipaja, Lagos, when I joined Daily Champion. Both Nigerian journalists were captured, imprisoned and killed by the rebel forces of NPFL led by their notorious leader, Charles Taylor, as they covered the civil war in Liberia.

Wole Elegbede – Project Director

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